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Final Up to date on December 13, 2021 by Nellie Huang

Once I moved to Spain, the primary issues I realized from my native mates have been Spanish swear phrases. Don’t underestimate the ability of curse phrases!

As you in all probability know, Spain is my second house. I married a Spaniard and lived in Spain for over 7 years, throughout which I acquired to know its folks and language rather well.

The Spaniards have an alarmingly wealthy vocabulary of swear phrases and vulgarities: starting from one-word cusses to full-sentence chants like “me cago en todo lo que se menea!” (I sh*t on every little thing that strikes!).

Thoughts you, I like the Spanish language. When used with expressive hand gestures, it’s stuffed with vigor, ardour and feelings. The Spaniards have at all times captivated my coronary heart with their sultry linguistic demeanors. Studying the language has undoubtedly helped me to make extra connections and actually perceive their cultural heritage and Spanish delicacies.

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Studying to Swear in Spanish

Once I first began studying the language (15 years in the past!), Spanish swear phrases have been the primary issues I realized. My Spanish mates have been greater than desperate to impart their data on all issues vulgar. However as they are saying, studying to swear is simply half and parcel of studying a brand new language.

Should you get to know the Spaniards and study Spanish properly sufficient, you’ll come to look at that they have a tendency to make use of swear phrases brazenly of their day by day dialog. Phrases like ‘coño’ (c*nt) don’t include extraordinarily vulgar connotations, and so are used generally by folks in Spain.

In penning this publish, I’m not saying you must exit on a cussing fest and swear in all places you go in Spain. For one, please don’t use these swear phrases along with your Spanish academics or host household or newly minted Spanish mates. I like to recommend studying some Spanish fundamentals (not simply cuss phrases) earlier than any journey to Spain, as most individuals don’t communicate a second language.

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15 Finest Spanish Swear Phrases

Right here’s a spherical up of the highest swear phrases most regularly utilized in Spain. Be mindful I’m not speaking about Spain right here, the Latin American nations have a tendency to make use of barely completely different swear phrases. With out these swear phrases, life wouldn’t be this colourful or ought to I say- de puta madre! 

1. Joder! 

Pronunciation: hho-derr!

Which means: F*ck

The primary Spanish phrase I realized actually interprets to ‘f**ok’. It’s probably not offensive, and used casually by everybody I do know in Spain — even my mother-in-law says it to my 3-year-old daughter!

For instance: You forgot to deliver your telephone out, Joder! They’re not displaying your favorite TV present anymore, Joder! Rattling I’ve to get up early tomorrow, Joder!

It’s utilized in many power-packed sentences like ‘Jodete!’ or ‘Que te jodan!’ (each means ‘F**ok you!’). Lots of people say joder with out the “d” as a lazy, shortened model, so it sounds extra like ‘jo-eh’.

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2. Mierda!

Pronunciation: mi-ehrr-da

Which means: Sh*t

This actually means ‘sh*t’, and is probably the most light-weight of all of the swear phrases on this record. Most individuals use it to specific anger or frustration.

Many individuals are likely to elongate the ‘r’ after they’re saying ‘mierda’ for influence.

It makes an ideal mixture with many phrases to offer a greater influence, reminiscent of ‘Come mierda!’ (Eat sh*t!) or ‘se va a la mierda’ (Going downhill)’. For instance, este lugar se va a la mierda, means this place goes to sh*t and falling aside.

spanish swear words - mierda

3. Gilipollas

Pronunciation: hee-li-pohhh-yas

Which means: Fool or jerk 

Used regularly to explain idiots, the phrase ‘Gilipollas’ is just used to explain somebody as a dumbass, fool or jerk. ‘Gili’ simply means fool and could be mixed with different phrases for extra influence.

As an example, you may say ‘gilipuertas‘ or ‘gilitonto’ and so they all imply roughly the identical factor: fool.

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4. Qué Cabrón!

Pronunciation: kehh kah bron

Which means: What a bastard!

In actuality, ‘cabrón’ refers to a giant male goat, with large horns. Because the outdated Spanish saying goes, a person whose spouse is dishonest on him is named a ‘cabrón’ i.e. his horns are rising.

Everybody then began utilizing ‘Que Cabrón!’(What a bastard!), to swear at others. It’s fairly a gentle cuss, and sometimes used simply as a sarcastic comment as a substitute of an actual curse.

top spanish swear words

5. Los cojones!

Pronunciation: los co-hhoh-nehs

Which means: Balls!

Spanish males are generally known as ‘machotes’ (macho males who’re happy with their balls). They love to point out their masculinity by including the phrase ‘cojones’ (actually means testicles/balls) to their colourful language.

It tends for use extra just like the phrase ‘Yah proper!’ in English, in events when somebody is attempting to offer you some crappy excuse, you’d reply with ‘Los Cojones!’

It’s additionally some of the versatile Spanish swear phrases. You can too use it to say ‘tienes cojones’ which implies ‘you’ve gotten balls’ or that you’re daring.

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6. Me cago en todo lo que se menea!

Pronunciation: meh cagon-todo-lo-keh seh-meh-neh-ah 

Which means: I sh*t on every little thing that strikes!

It is a lengthy one, and probably the most highly effective one in my view. My private favourite Spanish swear phrase of all. It’s lengthy but packs a punch.

I crack up each time I hear my husband chant this lengthy cuss whereas driving, and he does that loads! It actually means ‘I sh*t on every little thing that strikes.’ (unusually unvulgar however could be loosely translated to imply ‘f**ok’ in Spanish.)

‘Me cago en…’ is a really generally used cuss, and could be mixed with something and every little thing that involves thoughts, like ‘Me cago en Dios (..on God) or ‘Me cago en tus muertos ( your useless family).

spanish swear words

7. Me cago en dios!

Pronunciation: meh cagon di-ohs 

Which means: I sh*t on God!

Holy moly — those that imagine in God ought to completely skip to the subsequent swear phrase! That is one hell of a swear phrase. It interprets actually to imply ‘I sh*t on God!’.

It would sound completely disrespectful, particularly in a Catholic nation like Spain, but it surely’s surprisingly widespread to listen to it particularly in southern Spain.

Mainly, ‘me cago en’ can be utilized in many alternative mixtures, reminiscent of ‘me cago en tus muertos’ (I sh*t in your loss of life!) or ‘me cago en la leche’ (I sh*t on milk). They typically imply the identical, bloody hell and f*ck.

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8. La madre que te parió!

Pronunciation: la ma-dreh keh te pah-ri-ohh

Which means: Motherf**ker

In my private opinion, that is probably the most vulgar curse ever and one thing I wouldn’t personally use. It interprets actually to imply, ‘the mom who gave start to you’ that means you’re cursing somebody’s mom. It’s utilized in the identical method as ‘motherf**ker’ in English.

It’s often used as a part of a sentence for instance: ‘Me cago en la madre que te parió!’ (I sh*t on the mom who gave start to you.). Alberto likes to make use of this when he’s offended with our daughter and it pisses me off as he’s actually cursing me!

best Spanish swear words

9.Hijo de puta 

Pronunciation: ee-hho deh poo tah

Which means: Son of a bitch!

This interprets actually to ‘son of a b*tch!’. ‘Hijo’ means son, ‘puta’ is bitch (which is usually used by itself). It’s utilized in the very same method as English, besides nearly ten instances the frequency. It’s nonetheless largely used to tease somebody, particularly as a sarcastic or envious comment.

Your pal will get a promotion – hijo de puta! Your brother is happening an epic journey – hijo de puta! He simply purchased a 40inch plasma TV- hijo de puta!

spanish swear words - hijo de puta

10. Tonto del culo

Pronunciation: ton-to del kuloh

Which means: Fool

Barely milder than all of the earlier curses, this interprets to ‘an fool of the ass’ and it’s used to seek advice from how silly/foolish somebody could be. It’s usually used with shut mates.

As an example, Javier simply turned down an ideal job provide, that tonto del culo

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11. Puta madre 

Pronunciation: poo-tah ma-dre

Which means: Motherf**ker

Actually that means ‘f**king mom’, it may be used to curse however may also be used positively. As a type of exaggeration, it’s generally used to explain how good one thing is.

For instance: ‘Esta fiesta está de puta madre!’ (It is a f**king good get together!). ‘Puta madre!’ is usually used to specific nice satisfaction, eg. ‘Barcelona gained! de puta madre!

It’s some of the generally used Spanish swear phrases. Technically it sounds fairly harsh and vulgar, however as a result of it’s used so generally, it’s fairly accepted in all places, even when utilizing it with household.

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12. Coño

Pronunciation: koh-nyoh

Which means: C*nt

As vulgar as this sounds, it’s really used excessively in Spain. It’s not often used to explain somebody, however relatively as a normal swear like ‘Joder!’ to specific shock, anger or frustration.

I’ve heard it getting used amongst my Spanish mates, household (loads), and even in work setting in Spain.

As an example, ‘¡Coño, qué buena está!’ (Rattling she seems to be good!) and ‘¿Dónde coño estás?’ (The place the f**ok are you?). A extra highly effective model is ‘coñazo’ (that means large c*nt), which is mostly used to explain one thing that’s boring, irritating or tedious.

spanish swear words - learn spanish

13. La hostia

Pronunciation: la oz-tiah

Which means: Holy sh*t

Maintain on to your seats ‘cos this one actually does pack a punch! The phrase ‘hostia’ originates from Southern elements of Spain, the place it’s used to explain the holy communion utilized in church.

Since Spain is such a Catholic nation, incorporating the holy mom church could be some of the offensive remarks you may say, relying on how non secular an individual is.

Hostia can be utilized one its personal to say ‘sh*t’. However it’s often mixed with different phrases for extra influence. As an example, you may say ‘hostia puta’, which implies ‘Holy f**ok’ or ‘me cago en la hostia’ (I sh*t on the host!).

An excellent harsh one could be  ‘Te voy a dar una hostia! (I’m gonna slap you within the face!).

spanish swear words

14. Qué te den (por culo)! 

Pronunciation: keh teh-den

Which means: F**ok off!

This actually interprets to imply, ‘to offer it to you thru your ass! ‘Culo’ means ass or butt. In different phrases, you’re attempting to say ‘go f**ok your self!” or ‘up yours!’. You can too merely say ‘que te den’, and it means the identical.

spanish swear words

15. A tomar por culo!

Pronunciation: keh teh-den

Which means: To hell with it!

One other one which includes some ass motion. This Spanish cuss has two meanings. Basically, it’s used to explain ‘to hell with it’ or ‘f**ok it!”. As an example, you may say ‘Argh I want to check for my examination, however I’m so drained. A tomar por culo! I’m going to mattress!’.

A second that means for the phrase is definitely not vulgar in any respect — it’s used to explain one thing as very far.  As an example, ‘vive a tomar por culo de aqui‘ is an exaggerated method of claiming ‘he lives very removed from right here’.

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Do communicate Spanish or are you studying Spanish? Don’t neglect to take a look at my 20 language-learning ideas! Share a few of your different favourite Spanish phrases with us! 

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